Here you’ll cool movies and music from my collection (It’s started to take over the house) which I’m trying to downsize to more reasonable proportions. Also it helps me develop some web design skills I’ve been meaning to acquire 🙂 which is why is why I went to the effort of doing this site

Anyway down to business. I’m basically selling the items at $5 unless other wise noted. you pay postage. It keeps it simple. Then we work out what the postage is and go from there. If you order a few I’ll take a few $$$ of the price. If you live in Canberra and order a few I might be able to even deliver it to your place 🙂

I accept pay pal only at this point

Happy shopping and please keep checking back https://www.gizmoju.com for new items. This will take me a while to get all this stuff listed 🙂

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